Allison Holtkamp

Allison Holtkamp studied acting at Weber State University; took some comedy classes at Second City in Hollywood; has performed in many productions at Perseverance Theatre; works for the Alaska State

Legislature; has lived in Juneau for 8 years; and has a dog, a cat and a retirement account.

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Nathaniel Williams


Carpenter, efficient shopper, thinning hair. Nathaniel reads one book a year and thinks you should be using this time to call your mother.

Corin Hughes-Skandijs


Originally from "back east," Corin has spent enough time in Juneau to consider it a home at this point. He has worked numerous times with Perseverance Theatre and has contributed "too many" short films to the JUMP film festival. He is a lover of roasts and of laughing until crying. Corin is beyond pleased to be a part of Club Baby Seal.

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Alicia Hughes-Skandijs

Alicia has long seen the absurd side of life. As a bear cub, she was taken in by a happy nuclear family and raised in the wilds of West Virginia. After a successful amateur career in competitive martial arts, she moved to Juneau to get a degree in Math, the funniest major. Although she has performed in and directed several theatrical productions, comedy is her true calling. Alicia made her debut opening for national touring comedian, Tracy Smith.

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Brady Ingledue

Brady Ingledue was born and raised in Alaska. He enjoys candlelit comedies, snuggling with a good hour special, and long walks on the stage.  He recently relocated to Arizona where he will carry the Club Baby Seal torch and pursue stand up comedy.

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